After leading several projects for Vocalo — Chicago’s Urban Alternative radio station — Firebelly, led by Nick Adam was invited to design an identity, graphic standard manual, an ad campaign, and collateral items.
Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, each filled with independent shops supported by the surrounding community. From the supermarket to the the muffler repair shop, many speak in the urban vernacular. Nothing is more ubiquitous and authentic in visually representing urban neighborhoods than the bold sign painted words and numbers scrawled across neon papers.
Brush and bézier in hand, we went to work inspired by traditional sign painting. This brush-in-hand technique provides endless unique variations in style and form while conveying an approachable honesty with street smart confidence.
Vocalo, WBEZ, Chicago Public Media

Nick Adam — Design Strategy, Design Direction, Design, Lettering
Will Miller — Design, Lettering
Greg Calvert  — Lettering
From the design process
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