the state of ‘Cowboy’ has emerged
What is the state of the States? This contemplative, computation project explores national visual identity and responsiveness in regards to the emotional state of the Union.
Just as the stars on the U.S. flag represent the states of the nation, with a click of the mouse users can change a star to represent the emotional state they feel about the nation.
The site is coded with websockets in Node — a server collects, stores, and displays back all actions of all users across all browser windows. Meaning every user can see what other users are doing. In gaming vernacular, this site could be referred to as a mechanical turk, infinite whack-a-mole.
Beyond the thirteen-bars representing the first 13 colonies of the of the current flag, the Encyclopædia Britannica states that the red bars symbolize valor, and the white bars symbolize purity. By my quick count, the U.S. has had 47 flags, the first six having no stars. Perhaps a shift to a flag with no bars might help refocus the national dialog on the present rather than the past, as well, away from toxically-misinterpreted ideas like purity.
Research Studio
The RISD Graphic Design Graduate Studio
Nick Adam — Design Direction, Design, Development
Arts and Culture
Website Design
Rhode Island School of Design: Master of Fine Arts, Graphic Design
To Whom It May Concern, RISD MFA Graphic Design Biennial, Sol Koffler​​​​​​​ Gallery
RISD Graduate Show, RI Convention Center
the actions of each user is shared across all browsers and devises
users can actively set the emotional state they feel about the nation, politics, et cetera 
building a websockets API for the site allows each user’s actions to be broadcast across every open browser window 
users tend to team-up in attempt to craft a totalizing narrative

From the design process
building the site in HTML, each star is set with a fixed position defined by X and Y viewport percentages 
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