Architects Marcin Szef and Ian Christopher Thomas designed the physical exhibition in response to paper's qualities — fibrous, planar, typically unnoticed. These characteristics presented an opportunity to formally explore materiality in a manner not unlike that of the origami artist or packaging engineer. With simple folds, planar form becomes dimensional.

This project was a collaborative effort:
CLIENT: Chicago Design Museum | DESIGN & DIRECTION: Nick Adam
CURATORS: Vianna Newman, Matthew Terdich | WRITER: Vianna Newman
Throughout the Spring and Summer of 2016 Chicago Design Museum engaged me to design the exhibition identity and catalogue for their exhibition on paper. This work was a collaboration with the museum's ECD Matthew Terdich.
Here, within the identity and graphics program, the grid defines the field and spatial opportunities to contort planar, linear form rendering defined character. 

Much like the built environment of the exhibit, the positive and negative spaces are equal to each other. The placement of each letter and it's unique characteristics are defined by classical proportions responding by what appears before and after each character — providing optimal, gridded horizontal relationships.
The type used here is A2‘s Regular-bold, lowercase, set solid, pt. size matching the custom letter's line weight, word spacing set at 70%. The titling line-break matches a “made in america“ setting — nouns breaking the line, offering a hard rag, analogous to the fore-edge of a book. 

Largest type is tracked at 10pt, secondary type is a third of the size in height and thus tracked to 15pt. Numerals are set old-style referencing the ascending and descending qualities of our titling treatment. Numerals are kerned -30pt.
Inspired by Container Corporation of America’s 1968 exhibition Made with Paper, the 2016 Unfolded exhibition explored the unique properties of paper as a medium, as well as the diverse applications of paper as a means and an end in the work of contemporary designers and artists. 

Some of the pieces in the exhibition are rooted more clearly in design in that they were planned and executed to serve a specific function for a defined audience. Others grew with less of an end goal, and are perhaps a less directed expression of the artists’ creativity. In any case, the works exhibited showcased a broad variety of ideas taking on the form of paper.
Project Deliverables

Branding, Identity Design, Type Design, Book Design, Collateral, Environmental Graphics, Signage, Graphic Design

CLIENT: Chicago Design Museum | DESIGN TEAM: Nick Adam
CURATORS: Vianna Newman, Matthew Terdich | WRITER: Vianna Newman
Many of the ideas in this project came from conversations with the exhibition's architects, Marcin Szef and Ian Christopher Thomas. Experiments by designers Jamie Goldsborough and Michelle Kliman were a starting place for this work's formal qualities.