This Project was a Collaborative Effort:
STUDIO: Firebelly | DESIGN TEAM: Nick Adam + Ross Burwell + Will Miller
CLIENT: Public Media Institute

During my time at Firebelly I had the honor to concept and design three Typeforce catalogues in collaboration with the studio. This book (Typeforce 4) was designed collaboratively with Will Miller and Ross Burwell. Printing executed by Graphic Arts Studio. The dimensional foil finished was embossed by Rohner. All paper used was from Domtar through Veritiv.
Project Concept:
Inspired by the active and inactive states of discovery on our mobile devices, this catalogue explores formal gallery documentation in a post­-Pinterest, -Instagram, -Snapchat world.

The use of dimensional embossing, metallic foil, and a grid of both unequally interrupted and differently weighted color blocks offer layering and depth, creating a dynamic force of movement within z-space.
Scroll, click, swipe, enlarge–these are universal gestures that people use to sort and navigate information. The layout is arranged in a seemingly infinite vertical scroll, inviting the use of these intuitive gestures in a new context. 

The prompt to the reader is an invitation to maintain a higher level of attention as they move through content and consider each artist. One page flows into the next.
The curated images of exhibited works are, on their own, compelling but as a whole they act as an accurate, lasting record of the exhibition’s opening night, full of noise, color, and community joined in discovery and celebration.
Project Deliverables:
Concepting, Creative Direction, Catalogue Design, Page Layout, Processing
This Project was a Collaborative Effort:
STUDIO: Firebelly | CLIENT: Public Media Institute
DESIGN TEAM: Nick Adam + Will Miller + Ross Burwell

PRINTER: Graphic Arts Studio | DIMENSIONAL FOIL: Rohner
PAPER: Domtar through Unisource
TYPEFORCE 4: Purchase