Nick Adam
Book design for the third Typeforce exhibition and Firebelly

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Typeforce, Public Media Institute, Firebelly

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Nick Adam
Design Direction, Design, Processing JS

Will Miller
Design Direction, Design

Ohn Ho

Greg Calvert
The Typeforce 3 catalog is the result of a lot of love, precision and teamwork. A feast for the senses, particularly that of touch, the book was consciously crafted to recreate the heightened sense of discovery and hidden talent that Typeforce celebrates every year.

Created using a custom-tooled plate, the hand-wrapped and sealed cover is a sort of enigmatic monolith. The numeral III is blind embossed with gold foil striations. Strategically placed die cuts quietly guide the reader toward the singular pleasure of quite literally cracking open a new book. Inside, gold foils stamps and spot fluorescents create moments of brilliance and light, an apt reflection of the artistry and abilities of the people celebrated within. 

Typographic and design attention, conceptual and craft vigilance, production and paper effects used throughout this volume; these maneuvers were meant to inspire, challenge and encourage a stronger connection across a designer’s ideas and the material production.

Nick Adam, Design Director 
and Associate Partner at Span.Studio

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