The future of solar — where a structures roof and its solar panel is one.
Buildings account for over 35% of energy-related carbon emissions every year. How can they become more efficient while generating their own energy? SunStyle addresses this important need by developing an innovative solar roof system that combines photovoltaic cells with a glass roofing shingle — roof and solar panel as one.
After 20 years of research & development and over 500 installations, the company was ready to expand its US and European presence. Span created a complete brand strategy across multiple mediums to elevate the brand within the market in order to better appeal to investors, specifiers, architects, and contractors.
John Pobojewski — Concept, Design Direction
Nick Adam — Design
Zach Minnich — 3d, Animation, Design
Suzie Shin — Design
Leah Wendzinski — Motion Design

Typographic refinements to the SunStyle logotype and an icon that symbolizes the product — a sun tile

An overscaled 12 ✕ 12" brochure

The brochure tells SunStyle’s story to potential investors and specifiers alike, highlighting past projects and the product potential.

Pocket folder for tear sheet

Sales brochure and product tear sheet

An in-depth product website features original 3D visualizations by Span

Various pages highlight Sunstyle’s mission, provide reference materials for architects and contractors, and feature completed installations around the world.

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