By creating space for community activism and expression, the Silverroom is a boutique store that goes far beyond retail. Since 1997, the Silverroom has been a Chicago institution whose mission is: to create a global community through art and culture.
When the Silverroom approached Span to create the store’s first-ever campaign — we knew we could be inspired directly by their culture. Working closely with Founder Eric Williams we set out to create a style that reflected the life and pride of the Silverroom. The outcome? A collaboration centered on community and inspired by the actions of the store’s supporters.
In Chicago, the Silverroom bag is a point of pride. One look at the store’s social media and you will find their supporters proudly tagging selfies while holding the bag. Span worked with photographer and Silverroom’s Marketing Manager Angela Estrella Mejía to create a photo series capturing this act. These photos underwent a simple treatment resulting in a bright, iconic, graphic approach that introduces Silver Room and its culture to a wider audience. The typographic posters build off the identity and custom type we designed inspired by the pulse of Reid Miles’ Blue Note album covers.
Nick Adam — Design Direction, Design
Angela Estrella — Photography
Avery Branen — Design
Weléla Mar Kindred — Model
Stephan Scendsei Steciw — Model
Zeb — Media Placement

Silverroom’s campaign includes 150 postings across Chicago

Images taken of the campaign can be used on social media profiles

The image style and installations make for colorful content on social media

Silverroom’s photographer Angela Estrella Mejía worked with Span’s art direction

Inspiration for the Silverroom campaign came directly from their community’s activity on social media

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