The Rebuilding Exchange began in 2008 as an experiment, a nonprofit storefront designed to create and test the market for reclaimed building materials—lumber and metal that would otherwise languish in a landfill, unloved, unused and gathering dust and rust until the end of days.
It didn't take long for the market to prove itself. In just a few years, the organization had a loyal following of lifelong champions for creative re-use as well as plenty of recent converts. On top of their bread-and-butter inventory of reclaimed materials, Rebuilding Exchange began offering a full line-up of hands-on, maker's workshops and a line of handcrafted goods. Soon enough, the organization became an independent social enterprise. 
We were there for the ride, watching as the organization grew and expanded, all the while gradually developing the Rebuilding Exchange brand.
Rebuilding Exchange, The Delta Institute 
Nick Adam — Design Direction, Strategy, Design
Will Miller — Design Direction, Design
Salsedo Press — 2-color Offset Printing
Rightway Signs — Outdoor Mural
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