Each year we basically turn over the entire December feature to Thirst who shifted the entire POV this year in a novel direction away from the “usual” Newcity approach. Thirst took it another step this year, by asking designers they had selected over the last two years to identify a designer and then engage in conversation. This bent our curatorial process further from the center. Rick invited Michael Jefferson to contribute an introduction and one of his paintings for the cover.
Brian Hieggelke, Publisher, Newcity
Newcity Magazine
Rick Valicenti — Design Direction, Editorial Curation
Nick Adam — Design
Anna Mort — Design, Editorial Curation
Michael Jefferson — Introduction
Featured Designers
TJ O’Keefe with Sung Jang
Neil Zuleta with Anna Mort
Abigail Glaum, Lathbury with Marting Kastner
Pete Oyler with Steven Haulenbeek    
Benjamin Edgar Gott with Norman Kelley
Christopher Genter with Felicia Ferrone
Michael Savona with Tim Parsons and Jessica Charlesworth
Luke Wong of Hao Wai with Mark Kinsley and Leigh Staten
Jennefer Hoffmann with Ania Jaworska
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