Each summer, the University of Chicago partners with the Silver Room in the curation of free, outdoor, concerts. The University of Chicago’s Amy Srodon approached Thirst to design the 2019 materials.
Thirst design intern Aisha McDaniel from Chicago State University, under the direction of Nick Adam and Rick Valicenti designed the graphic program that included the identity, stage signage, flyers, and social media graphics.
The typographic design appears as a highly graphic pattern that feels rhythmic and musical. Inspiration was taken from the House party flyers of 1980’s Chicago, as well as, the concert posters from historic Colby Poster Printing Co.
University of Chicago
Rick Valicenti
Nick Adam
Aisha McDaniel

Hyde Park’s Harper Court — photo from George Mulcahy from Stoptime Live

social media executions

program curator and client, Eric Williams along with poet, Leslé Honore — photo from George Mulch from Stoptime Live

From the design process

event images found on Instagram

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