The title wall began as a custom Roman Numeral typeface named ‘Hard Times‘ designed for an exhibition catalog. Exploring traditional engraving and characteristics of inscriptional form, it seemed that for serif letterforms to achieve hairline in stone they would naturally bow where at the joining of the stems of the letter.
This Project was a Collaborative Effort
CLIENT: Public Media Institute | STUDIO: Firebelly 
DESIGN TEAM: Nick Adam + Will Miller
The typeface was built to explore the tradition and craft of Roman inscriptional letterforms, as well to showcase Graphic Arts Studio's capability in producing forms reversed at hairline weight.
Working on many projects together, often many at once, themes tend to bleed across. Perhaps it’s these connected threads of conceptual thought that reveal inner passions. During the designing of this type and the book it would debut in, we became increasingly excited by forms carved into stone.

It seem to me that as the chisel hit stone to capture a message, this stone became illuminated by the ability to share information. This lead to thoughts of Krubric's 2001, letterforms on monolithic scale, perhaps built from stone. At the moment of this mused excitement, there was a project: dimentionsal, title wall for a typographic exhibition.
Several adjustments to the serifs and working closely with concrete-expert Mack Perry, the letters quickly went from seventy-two points to six feet in height.
Project Credits
Project Deliverables: 
Creative Direction, Type Design, Mold Making, Concrete Work, Fabrication, Interiors, Signage
This Project was a Collaborative Effort:
STUDIO: Firebelly | CLIENT: Public Media Institute
DESIGN TEAM: Nick Adam + Will Miller
CONCRETE EXPERT: Mack Perry of Perry Works