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False Force, an immersive augmented reality installation for the 2019 Typeforce

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Nick Adam
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False Force offers an immersive augmented reality experience where attendees actively engage with familiar, yet aggressive elements. Utilizing gesture tracking technology, guests are encouraged to touch, move, distort, and even throw the letters within the space. The exhibition's white cube environment effectively isolates this authoritative vernacular from reality, allowing the type to be perceived as a mere design choice open to formal examination and critique.

As bystanders witness the animated projections and participants interact with the type, we all become physically involved with what is often considered untouchable: the aggressive, meticulously designed symbols of authority.

Having previously exhibited in the Typeforce series, I was invited back by curators Dawn Hancock and Ed Marszewski to design a typographic installation for the tenth exhibition. Collaborating with Fulbright scholar and fellow RISD MFA alumna Jinhwa Oh, we created a gesture-tracking interactive installation called False Force.

Developed in Unity, an interactive game engine, False Force utilizes Leap Motion technology to track participants' gestures, enabling seamless interactivity. The custom typeface employed, Uniform.otf, is an all-caps font inspired by the gestalt of letters commonly found on figures, uniforms, and vehicles associated with authority. Projected onto the gallery wall, False Force invites viewers to challenge and explore the notions of authority embedded within its design.

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