The identity system pairs a crisp, primary color palette with familiar shapes like the hand-applied stickers seals and emblems, that are found at the grocery store — evoking honesty, humanity and health.
If you want to eat clean, there's no shortage of high-end fresh markets that will gladly take your whole paycheck. The founders of Chicago Market saw the rising demand for sustainable, healthy and affordable food. They also recognized a largely unmet need for a market as committed to local farmers and communities as it is to high quality offerings. 
And thus, the idea for Chicago Market was born—a place for community members, not just consumers. A mecca for health nuts and foodies. A safe space where the veggie-averse and beginning cooks could find guidance and education, where local dollars stay local, making Chicago stronger.
Our first task: find a name. We dove straight into research, surveying Chicagoans from many backgrounds and neighborhoods to get a sense of their values and priorities when it comes where they shop and why.
Chicago is not a flashy city. We prefer simplicity over pomp and pretension. Landlocked here in the Midwest, we crave a sense of belonging, like we're all in this together. We tested several naming options and quickly found a winner: Chicago Market: A Community Co-op.
With a name and values defined, we began building a comprehensive identity system, pairing a crisp, primary color palette with familiar symbols like hand-applied seals and emblems, evoking honesty, humanity and health.
Chicago Market Co-Op
Dawn Hancock — Strategy
Nick Adam — Design Direction, Strategy and Research, Custom Lettering, Design
Ross Burwell — Web Development, Design
Food and Drink, Retail 
Brand Identity, Website Design, Naming, Typography
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