AIGA’s theme for the year was ‘boundaries’ — the cover celebrates boundaries through the ripping apart of ‘this’ and ‘that’ then exposing the inside.
It use to be that attendees of the AIGA Chicago Annual Members Meeting would receive the AIGA Snap Shot book — a design retrospective documenting Chicago’s best and brightest creative thinkers. When AIGA reached out to Firebelly to design the 2011 book, Nick Adam and Will Miller collaborated on a design that would define and defy boundaries.  

AIGA provided the theme ‘boundaries’ for the year. We explored the concept in both content and physicality, looking at how constraints can shape the reader’s interaction and experience.
The book cover celebrates boundaries through the separation of ‘this’ and ‘that’. The spot yellow fluorescent cover draws attention while the mauve wraparound belly band requires consideration. The reader must physically remove a boundary before they could access the content. The cover band listed every member of the AIGA Chicago chapter, putting the reader in direct contact with each member. Once the band was removed ‘this’ from ‘that’ was set in a typographic rupture. 
The retrospective was designed with attention and love as a tribute to the design community that is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the design field.
AIGA Chicago
Will Miller — Design Direction, Design
Nick Adam — Design Direction, Design
Production Notes
Sand-trapping Varnish, Mauve Belly Band, Spot Fluorescent Yellow 
Classic Color — Book Printing
Sappi — Paper
Color4 — Environmental Signage
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