25th Annual Paper Show — Truth

Event Identity, Support Materials, and Environmental Signage

This Project was a Collaborative Effort:
STUDIO: Firebelly | DESIGN TEAM: Nick Adam + Will Miller

It was a privilege to have directed and designed this work for Veritiv in close collaboration with Will Miller during my time at Firebelly. Print printing of the invites and the book by Graphic Arts Studio. Cover stock for the book was a custom make paper we designed with Whiting specifically for letterpress production from Rohner. Environmental signage was printed and installed by Chicago's legendary RR Donnelley.
Project Concept:
On the evening of the 25th annual paper show the Unisource wanted to demonstrating dedication to their paper mills, printers, and designers. In a $10 billion merger Unisource untied with xPedx rendering a new company, with a new name: Veritiv Corp, derived from the Latin word for truth. What’s going to change? What does this mean? What is our relationship to Truth?

During the dramatic shifts that life presents, it’s advisable to explore Truth.
Our task can be an honorable one. As a graphic designer, we have opportunities to seek­ out and frame truths daily. However, even the most honorable amount us can attest, that you will be asked to craft new truths, to create new realities. Within our processes, our tactics vary. I believe that I listen to the breaths between words, reading between lines of briefs. I’m searching for what truly matters, and what I’m finding is where I fit in.

Truth, at times is black hit on white. Metal pressed into fibers, truth is the whispered impression left behind in crowded rooms.­ Truth can be coated, exaggerated, embellished—truth too can be rough. Truth cuts and layers demanding a response so one might unveil what is hidden, finding their deeper story. Across the senses, truth is transformative.
Amiss a system of honorable black and white, freshness is unveiled in a single moment of color. This color is expressed through a special-make paper we design with Whiting Paper Mill. It roughness is true to the fibrous sum of it’s parts, it’s tactile emotion is enhanced through blind and inked letter-pressing. 

Drama is explored by way of the deconstruction, and firm handling of our strong contrast display type. Aptly titled Clair Obscur, drama is held across the light and dark like the chiaroscuro of great cinema.
We bend, tear and fold. We squint our eyes and shift our heads. We do all of this to see further. To looking out over a horizon. To gain a wider perspective. If ever there was a daily truth, it might be that the sun will rise.
Part of our planning was the creation of the night’s keynote. Featuring 25 Chicago-based designers conveying their one-minute perspectives on Truth, be they personal or professional. The book canonized each designers contribution.
Project Deliverables:
Branding, Identity Design, Strategy, Type Design, Book Design, Copywriting, Collateral, Interiors, Signage, Custom Manufactured Paper, Graphic Design

This Project was a Collaborative Effort:
DESIGN TEAM: Nick Adam + Will Miller | PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY: Steven Gross
INVITE + BOOK PRINTER: Graphic Arts Press | CUSTOM MAKE PAPER: Whiting Paper